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Gaining a higher sense of structural order in our bodies can be a relaxing, calming and pleasant experience.

Michael Valenti

Michael Valenti

Certified Advanced Rolfer™

As a Certified Advanced Rolfer™, I help my clients restore their body’s natural movement through structural alignment interventions and holistic bodywork. Every body is different, so the starting point, speed of transition, and outcome of the work will be unique to each client.

photo of Michael Valenti
Michael Valenti

Education & Experience

  • Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, Boulder, Colorado
  • Primitive reflexive movements (embryological and early development)
  • Space awareness body-mapping with SourcePoint Therapy®
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Diaphragmatic releasing and balancing
  • Yoga, Thai Chi and Qi-Gong
Rolfology, Park Plaza West, table leg adjustment
Michael in a Rolfing® session at Park Plaza West

Michael in a Rolfing® session at Park Plaza West

Rolfology, Park Plaza West, table leg adjustment

After years of athletics—gymnastics, two marathons, acrobatics, dancing, lacrosse, fencing and music—I began to notice pain in my body. I found myself wanting a more balanced and individual approach to body development and awareness. In my search for sustainable health, I received the Rolfing® Ten Series and have been studying and advocating Rolfing® Structural Integration ever since.

When the body is out of structural balance, movement is harder and often causes excessive wear and pain. Through Rolfing® I felt as though the forces of gravity were on my side. Instead of working against my body, everyday movements became easier and pain-free. As my body slowly changed (and continues to change), my ideas about health, healing and personal growth have been transformed.

Along with relief from pain from a sports injury, I found a renewed sense of enjoyment in simple daily activities. I was amazed—not only had the pain subsided, but I found a calming sense of ease and grace in my movements. I want to help you find the same.

I am licensed to practice Rolfing® and Massage Therapy in Oregon by the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists, LMT #18427.



As a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ myself, I'm VERY picky about who I let work on me. Michael pairs his advanced skills with mind-boggling intuition to bring results that are unparalleled. I've had better and more movement in both my hips and neck in just TWO sessions with Michael. His bedside manner is kind, gentle, respectful and playful. He has a way of putting his clients at ease, even while he rearranges their fascia. I'm thrilled to get to work with such an amazing colleague.


I highly recommend Michael Valenti and his effective approach to Rolfing®. [In 2012] My chiropractor recommended that I see Michael when my right shoulder was "frozen." In a couple visits, Michael was able to relieve the pain and return my shoulder's functioning to the point where I could work with a personal trainer again.

[Recently] I returned to Michael hoping to gain more functionality. He loosened up the shoulder, but pointed out that my whole body was actually involved in the issue. So I arranged for a five session Rolfing® series, starting at the toes and moving to my head. As an older person, I have had many injuries, with their residual effects. "As you age, your old injuries come back to haunt you." But after Rolfing®, I, and my Pilates instructor, Britt were astounded that my right leg stance was permanently corrected. Weeks later it remains "fixed." An incredible tight left hip flexor is no longer tight, my "weak" left ankle is no longer weak.

Michael is calm, professional, and non-intrusive.

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